Chain Nose Pliers




Description (Rio Grande)

These slimline chain-nose pliers have fine tips that are excellent for working in close spaces and for delicate detail work. On chain-nose pliers, both jaws are semi-round with flat interior surfaces, tapering to a point from the pivot to the tip. The smooth interior surface of the jaws helps prevent marring the workpiece. These versatile pliers are great for general small-scale bench work, including opening and closing jump rings, flat crimping and making angled bends. The stainless-steel construction delivers a tough, rust-resistant tool with a reasonable lifespan.
• The pliers have a box joint, in which one half of the joint surrounds the other half, and the pivot is contained within. This joint holds its alignment far longer than a lap joint but allows the tool to open only as far as the box size.
• The double-leaf spring consists of flat, tempered metal tabs attached to the inside of each of the tool handles, positioned to meet and hold the handles apart (and the jaws open) until they are squeezed closed, delivering a fast, strong rebound for improved productivity.
• The handles are proportional to the tips to prevent over-leveraging, and are dipped in a latex-free plastic coating for added comfort of use.



  • Jaw style : Chain-nose
  • Jaw length : 0.88″ (22.35mm)
  • Tip width : 1.44mm
  • Overall length/dimensions : 4.5″ (115mm)
  • Country of origin : Pakistan


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